Monday, June 4, 2012

Booth Design...Again

Since the last time I posted, I've been working on my booth design, trying to figure out a way to make my table less overwhelming, and easier to look at. I did a mock set-up, adding a second smaller table to my larger one. While this isn't the table I'll be using at my show on Saturday, it served its purpose in helping me redesign my set-up. This is how it turned out:

This isn't the finished set-up,of course. I'll have one different table(the card table will not be coming with me), and that table with have a matching green table cloth on it. The table cloths will both be ironed. I'm buying new white fabric to put over the brown crate, and over the one that is already covered in this picture. I'll also be adding a second heart earring display, and there will be a few more boxes on the tables. And of course, all my jewelry will be out at the show.

Over all, I'm pretty pleased with the outcome so far. I'll be taking some pictures of the finished set-up on Saturday, so that everyone can see a more polished version of this.

Well, that's all for today,

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