Saturday, May 19, 2012

Work, Work and more Work

While I'm still posting one new listing everyday, I've recently been working to increase my inventory, and working to better my shop itself. I'm currently visiting family in Tennessee, and while I've had time to make new pieces, I unfortunately have not been able to photograph them. Because of this, I've been working towards getting my shop more views, and hopefully more sales.

Here's a list of what I've done so far, if anyone is interested in seeing what seems to work and what doesn't seem to work.

1. I know I already mentioned this, but I thought I would mention it again- I redid all my photographs and switched them to white backgrounds before I left. I've been slowly trying to get everything listed. It's also been suggested that I add a prop to some of my listings; for example, a seashell for my nautical listings. I'm hoping to get that done and added to my photos when I get home.

2. I redid all of my tags. I got rid of all of my single word tags, and added two words, trying to add nouns and think of terms that a buyer would search for. This has gotten me a few new views.

3. I changed all the titles of my listings. I added nouns to the first three words of my listings. For example, many now say Sterling Silver Earrings... this has gotten me a few hits with google searches, something I wasn't getting before.

4. I changed all of my descriptions to include nouns in the first three words. This has also gotten me a few hits with goolge searches.

That's all I have to say for today,

Meghan's Treasure Chest

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